Easy Tips To Help Your Rabbit Be Happy

Keep your rabbit happy

Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Pet Rabbit Be Happy

Owning pets can be just like having children at times. Each pet is just as unique in their temperament, habits and behaviors. Different types of pets can have their own set of behaviors and moods that are just a part of that particular animals makeup.

So when it comes to owning a rabbit as a pet, it takes just as much care, learning and concern to find out what that animal likes and what makes them happy.

Enough space

One of the first things a pet rabbit owner should do to make sure that their pet rabbit is happy is to provide enough space for the animal to run around in. If a rabbit pet owner is wanting to keep the rabbit in their home, then they need to make sure that the home has enough space so that the rabbit does not feel like it is in cramped or enclosed quarters.

Also too if the pet owner has a back yard, then they may want to consider having a rabbit run constructed so that the rabbit has the ability to run and hop around freely. These are just some simple home considerations that a pet owner should think about before purchasing a rabbit as a pet.

Balanced and healthful diet

Another tip to keep your pet rabbit happy is to always remember that a rabbit has a sensitive stomach so it can not just be feed any type of foods. Rabbits should always be given a balanced and healthful diet which can include fresh greens, various types of fruit and veggies.

Also too rabbits can graze off of the grass in the pet owners lawn, but they need to make sure that it has a natural green color and not the kind of grass that is covered with pesticides or sprays.

Two is better than one

Because rabbits are creatures that need nurture, attention and care, it is always a good idea for a pet owner to consider that when getting a pet rabbit they should really consider buying two instead of one. The reason for this is because rabbits do not do well living alone.

They not only enjoy the companionship of another rabbit but absolutely need it in order to thrive. The pet owner should also make sure that if they purchase two rabbits that they need to have them spayed or neutered.

They should also be male and female versus having two of the same sex. Because having two rabbits of the same sex will be a problem because they will fight each other instead of living in harmony.

Keep it clean and tidy

In addition, to keep your pet rabbit happy, the pet owner should clean the rabbit and its toys used, clean the hutches, pick up the rabbits droppings, old bedding and food that is leftover daily.

This will ensure that there will be less of a chance of germs and bacteria developing, which could cause the rabbit to become sick. It is especially imperative that this cleaning be performed everyday during the spring and summer months because of the heat.

Vaccinate your rabbit

Just as newborn babies and children need vaccinations, a pet owner must also vaccinate their pet rabbits. These vaccinations will help to safe guard the rabbit against bacterial and viral infections that can come from them encountering other animals that may be sick or have diseases.

The bacterial infections can even occur from balanced and healthful diet if a rabbit is exposed to any given particular condition long enough. The pet rabbits teeth should also be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay and filed down occasionally to prevent them from becoming too sharp or damaged from being broken.

Learn the character of your pet

Because of a rabbits need for high upkeep it is also good for the rabbit owner to interact with their pet rabbit or rabbits on a daily basis. This will help the owner to learn the unique character of their pet. They should also have their fur coat brushed everyday to prevent having a build up of shedding fur which can turn into fur balls that will trap debris, germs and dirt.

Not to mention those fur balls can be all around the inside of the home which could help to contribute to unsanitary living conditions. All of these tips may seem as if they are not necessary, but they are if a pet owner wants their pet rabbit to have a long, healthy life.

Get all the needed supplies for your rabbit

Since rabbits are somewhat social creatures, it would also be a good idea to purchase a travel crate to take your pet rabbit along on some family outings. There are so many pet stores that sell all kinds of pet leashes, crates etc. for various types of regular and exotic pets.

Even though rabbits do not like to be chased or played with aggressively, they do like to explore, to run and play in open areas. So taking your pet rabbit to the park and having a long enough leash so that they can run freely would be a great change of scenery for them.

However, the pet owner should use discretion when traveling with their pet rabbit because they do not need to take their pet rabbit to a location that has excessively loud noises or predators like dogs or exposure to other wild animals. No pet owner wants a rabbit that is fearful because that can lead to the rabbit actually attacking or lashing out at the owner by attempting to claw or scratch them due to being afraid.