Pros And Cons Of Having A Pet Rabbit

Having a pet rabbit

After many years as a pet rabbit owner, I’ve experienced all the possible situations with my little rabbits. I can now clearly share my point of view on the beautiful and bad things you can have with your new friend.

What Are The Pros Of Having A Pet Rabbit?

Rabbit is a quiet pet.

If you are looking for a quiet pet, bunnies will fill that role perfectly. Whether you live in an apartment building or just have very close neighbors as a city dweller, having a loud animal as a pet can cause you potential problems. But bunnies are generally quiet and rarely make a lot of noise.

Rabbits are very social animals and readily form bonds with owners.

Sometimes it will take a while for the rabbit to get used to its owners, but once they have formed a bond with you, they will love playing with you.

They are generally clean.

Rabbits keep themselves very clean. You will also have an easy time house breaking your bunny. You may even get them to use their own litter tray.

They listen to their name.

Your pet bunny will come when called by their name. In fact training your rabbit can be done as soon as you have gained the trust of your rabbit. Training sessions can easily be enforced through the use of food and treats. Running through obstacle courses is one of the tricks that bunnies can do.

Variety of breeds to choose from.

Bunnies come in a variety of breeds. Such a vast number of animal breeds means that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that is right for your house, your grooming needs, and your personal preference.

They have a unique way to express their happiness.

Bunnies express their happiness through binkies. Binkies refer to the habits of rabbits jumping into the air, twisting its head and body in opposite directions, and falling back to the floor. Bunnies do this as a “happy dance.” Bunny owners love to watch their bunnies perform this dance, whether it’s in the middle of a run or while standing still.

Pet bunnies will teach you and your children important empathy lessons.

Having a pet bunny will teach you and your children important empathy lessons. As long as your children are at least 6-years-old, they will be able to display empathy and responsibility. Both of you will learn to appreciate the value of putting others before themselves.

What Are The Cons Of Having A Pet Rabbit?

You will need to bunny proof your house.

Bunnies love to chew, and they do not always understand the differences in what is acceptable for them to chew on and what is not. Any important or dangerous wires will need to be removed from their reach.

Some bunny breeds are very large.

If you do not have a large space to keep them in, a large rabbit can be difficult to have as a pet. You may not want to own a 12 pound rabbit.

Rabbits are fragile.

Rabbits are more fragile than cats or dogs. Young children will need to be taught how to carefully handle any young bunny, and young children may accidentally damage a bunny with greater ease than they would a cat or dog.

Rabbits are a serious commitment.

They can live up to 12 years as a pet. This is a lot longer than their wild counterparts, who may only live a few years thanks to disease, predators and starvation. While this means that having a pet rabbit will give you companionship for a long time, it also means that you should be willing to devote at least a decade of your life to taking care of it.

Bunnies poop a lot.

In fact, they tend to poop many times during the day. These bowel movements are hard pellets, which are not very messy or smelly, but will be very noticeable if you are not house training your rabbit.

Bunnies have complex dietary.

Bunnies have complex dietary needs that cannot be satisfied through commercial pellets. While you can supplement your rabbit’s diet with commercial rabbit food, they need fresh vegetables, hay, and other plants in order to thrive.

You have to take care their hygiene often.

You will need to regularly trim your rabbit’s nails. If you do not trim your bunny’s nails, they will attempt to trim them on their own using the materials found in the house. That will include your furniture.

Since rabbits do need to chew, you will need to invest in many toys to keep their always fast-growing teeth in control. Items that they may need to purchase for your pet rabbit include: untreated pine, baskets with hay in it, alfalfa cubes, and cotton towels.

Veterinary costs associated with rabbits can be higher than with cats and dogs.

Many veterinarians consider rabbits an exotic pet, and do not have a lot of experience in providing every day care or in providing spaying and neutering. Rabbits younger than 5-years-old should be scene at least once a year by a veterinarian, while those older than 5 should be seen twice a year.

To Sum Up…

You only need one ingredient, if you plan to adopt a rabbit. It’s called love. If you love your pet this post is just useless. Don’t hesitate, just do it and you will have a unique experience with your little bunny!